Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Guess what I got todaaaaaaay!
Oh yes, my VERY FIRST Knit Picks package!! I've been waiting for it and now I can't stop staring at what I got. Wanna see it? Of course you do.

Firstly, here's all of the yarn together:
Yum! Now, for individual pictures.

Lovely, aren't they? They're Imagination Mermaid Lagoon (Left) and Evil Stepmother. Both are sock yarn, but I'm probably going to make wristers out of them! Hm, they're a lot more vibrant in real life...Anyways! Moving on!

These are my new sock yarns! They're both for the Owl Socks pattern I bought. Unfortunately for myself, I didn't read the pattern very well, and I realize now that I need 2 skeins of each color for the socks. *sigh* Oh well. I'll knit as much of the socks as I can and then buy more when the time comes. It's seriously soooo soft. I can't wait to start! The blue and light gray are the main ones I'm going to make, and then the green and dark gray are the second pair. Hopefully.

I also got some black, to use as the background for the Imagination yarn. Though, now that I see the Evil Stepmother, black is too dark...Oh well!

While all of that is terribly exciting, the main reason I bought the stuff was to get these! It's actually a trial pack of their Options Interchangeable needles. From left to right: Harmony Wood, Acrylic, Nickel-Plated. It's so that instead of buying a giant, expensive pack and finding out you don't like them, you can try them out to see which ones grab your heart. Oh, and of course they came with 2 cables and cable caps. Exciting, yeah?

In other news, I finished one of my socks, and have moved onto the other one. I should probably try to finish this one before I start anything else...

P.S. If you ever want to comment, feel free. Don't be scared! Then again, you might not care about anything I do, so whatever. :)

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