Friday, July 16, 2010

Two Scarves...

I said I'd post about the scarves, so here it is...

The first is a Harry Potter Ravenclaw House scarf for Claire. I was actually supposed to have this for her 2 Christmases ago. Oops! Well, I didn't work on it for a loooong time because I didn't have a pattern I liked. Well, recently, I joined Ravelry, which is an amazing website for knitters and crocheters. Anyways, I decided to look through the "Harry Potter" tagged patterns and lo and behold! I found this AWESOME HP scarf. Now, there were a lot of...other kinds of HP scarves, but this one was definitely the best. It's super easy, knitted in the round, so you'll never see the stripe changes AND I never have to purl. And it will have FRINGE!
Here are some work-in-progress shots:
I think I'm going to be doing 12 sets of stripes, and I only have 5...But hey, I'm working really fast on it, since it's in the round and all knit stitches. I've already used 1 skein of the blue, and I'm expecting to use a total of 4 of the blue and 1-1.5 of the bronze. I'm using Vanna's Choice in Colonial Blue and Honey. They are probably the best Ravenclaw colors I've seen.

The second is a "Lacey Eyelet Rib" scarf for Lydia. I decided that since I was making a scarf for Claire, I'd make one for Lydia (both of their birthdays were already this summer, so they'll be belated birthday gifts)! I found this stitch at KnittingTipsByJudy on YouTube Her videos are good for people who want to learn how to knit. Easy to understand, and very encouraging. ANYWAYS! The stitch. I found it while looking through her videos. I thought it was very pretty and worked well with the yarn I had bought. Here are some WIP shots:
This probably shouldn't be taking as long as it should, but I really need to pay attention to what I'm doing. Yesterday, I had to unknit 3 different times. The first time was 4 rows, the second 2, and the third time 1/2 of a row. It's a pain because there are slipped stitches and stitches that are knitted together, not to mention lots of purling. But hey, it's coming along nicely. I'll have to definitely block it (wet it and stretch it out so it's not all curled) because it's all curled, but that will have to wait until it's done being knitted! The yarn is this lovely green, much lovelier than the photos can show. I bought it at a local yarn shop. There's enough yarn in one skein to make the whole scarf (thankfully). It'll be lovely, and I hope she likes it. Hm, you can't see the eyelets (holes) very well in the pictures, but they're there! And they're pretty!
I didn't start these too long ago, and I'm already ready to be done. :P It's bad. I have project ADD.

OH! To tell you about my current dream. My one wish right now is to have a set of Harmony Wood Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles from KnitPicks. Too bad they're $75. I'd also like a set of the Nickel Plated ones ($60), but only after I get a set of Harmony ones. I wish I had $135 to blow on needles. Circular needles are my new favorite, best friends. SIGH.

I want to dye my own yarn. I found this awesome website telling you how to dye yarn using Kool-Aid! I reeeeeaaaaally want to. KnitPicks has awesome Dye Your Own yarn, but I wouldn't know what to get! I'm so indecisive when it comes to yarn! GAH!

I found out that there was another local yarn show near me. How did I not know it was there! Then again, I don't ever go to that area, so I'll excuse myself. I need to go there soon.

I have a yarn problem.

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